Bahamas Sightseeing and Tours

Journey Through Bahamian Culture

Our small group experiences allow guests to explore Nassau in greater depth.  Head off the well-beaten path with our Expert Storytelling Guides to discover the spots that locals love and immerse yourself in quintessential Bahamian culture first-hand.  Each experience is guaranteed to have no more than 15 guests per guide, unearthing encounters that delve deep into the heart of local culture and history.

We believe that it is important for you to understand that we do things differently from most tour companies.


To expose visitors to the islands of The Bahamas with a concise overview of our culture, history and local gastronomic scene.

Tourism actively brings cultures together.  It is through experiencing other cultures that we come to understand and appreciate one another.

With this foremost in our minds since 1984, we have made it our aim to provide each one of our customers with an extraordinary tour experience that they will never forget.

Additionally, we aim to collectively make positive contributions to the tourism industry, by highlighting national and international points of interests that are delivered to you in a responsible, insightful and entertaining way.