Bahamas Sightseeing and Tours is committed to providing the best planned, the best led and altogether the most fulfilling and enjoyable cultural tours available.

For several years we have been involved in the field of cultural travel, offering an unequalled range of tours focusing on history, culture and gastronomy.

Our mission is to deepen your understanding and enhance your appreciation of the history and culture of The Bahamas.

Rooted in knowledge of the destination and of the subject matter of the tour, the outcome of assiduous research and reconnaissance, and underpinned by many years of reflection and experience, our itineraries are second to none.

They are original and imaginative, well-paced and carefully balanced.  Meticulous attention to practical matters ensures a smooth-running as well as an enriching experience.

Special arrangements are a feature of our tours – for admission to places not generally open to travelers, for access outside public hours, for private concerts and extraordinary events.

In innumerable ways, large and small, we lift our clients’ experience far above standards which are regarded as normal for tourists.